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The following services and new parts have been added to Bellanca N28068. These were elective additions (and non necessary for continued airworthiness). The purpose was to update N28068 for future years. Prior to these services, N28068 has always been hangered in the midwest and owned by one owner (an engineer) since being purchased new from Miller Flying service of Plainview, Texas, a continuous Bellanca dealer and service center from 1946-2001. At this time N28068 is the lowest total time since new 1979 Bellanca Super Viking in existence, only 885 hours since brand new. Always properly maintained through the years, one professional owner/pilot. N28068 with these updates and cosmetic and refreshioning services should have (with continued care) again almost the same future service life as when it was new. Below you will find some of the processes and services applied to N28068. This information is detailed and documented in the aircraft's airframe, engine and propeller log books.

Instrument Panel Services

Original instrument panel professionally removed and sent to Air Capitol Dial of Kansas for stripping, refinishing and relettering. Reinstalled including all avionics and instrument refresh and certifications, 14 new 8130's, many new face plate lens knobs and numerous details - IFR certification accomplished - due again 7-19.

Exterior Refinish

Extensive process - original paint was in very good condition prior to this service - refinished back to new configuration and colors.

More Photographs

  • DSCN0920.jpg
  • DSCN0911.jpg
  • DSCN0940.jpg
  • DSCN0929.jpg
  • DSCN1006.jpg
  • DSCN0912.jpg
  • DSCN0902.jpg
  • DSCN1003.jpg
  • DSCN0914.jpg
  • DSCN0937.jpg
  • DSCN0898.jpg
  • DSCN0959.jpg
  • DSCN0915.jpg
  • DSCN0924.jpg
  • DSCN0905.jpg
  • DSCN0998.jpg
  • DSCN0897.jpg
  • DSCN0979.jpg
  • DSCN0908.jpg

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