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Original 1979 Bellanca Super Viking - N28037

Please be sure to see all 40 photographs below.

For more information concerning the purchase of this aircraft, please click here to contact.

Very likely the finest remaining original 1979 Bellanca Super Viking in existence which also represents the year of the last major improvements including an additional 13 knots of speed. The 79 model is almost identical in upgrades and functions to the very last Super Viking ever manufactured in the year 2005 at a list price exceeding $535,000.

The original first run engine operates, performs and checks perfectly, including its last oil analysis. Sale INCLUDES an Extended Engine warranty. Or you may purchase N28037 with it's first major overhaul.

Offered - N28037 an outstanding original example now available for less than 20% of the last new Bellanca Super Viking replacement cost.

Only two main long-term owners since brand new, always properly hangared in the western US and and always maintained to the highest standards.

Valuable specifics concerning N28037:

  • N28037 includes all popular options such as ski tube, 3 blade propeller, long range fuel and electric trim. Some additional features and add ons are included below:
  • Autopilot - S-Tec systems 60 PSS autopilot consisting of altitude hold with vertical speed select coupled to GPS, VOR and RNAV-DME integrated NAV system. Approximately $16,000.00 add on.
  • Yoke mounted autopilot disconnect button
  • Full King IFR digital avionics including IFR certified KNS 80 integrated RNAV DME G/S plus GPS
  • Auxilary standby vacuum system
  • Insight engine graphics monitor
  • Davtron digital chronometer
  • Intercom system with additional right side microphone jack
  • Left and right side yoke mount push-to-talk buttons
  • Dual David Clark headsets
  • Portable oxygen plumbed through overhead console outlets with associated masks and accessories
  • Engine oil sump heat adapter
  • Recent left side and right side exhaust A.D. complied with by Bellanca factory service kit including p. lead re-route modification
  • Lopresti STC-EZ Air hub caps
  • Michelin main gear tires
  • Auto Axion disable add on option
  • Average 35 hours oil changes since new
  • Bellanca Service Center maintained
  • Engine oil analysis through 1545 hours indicated excellent in all ways
  • Total time since new 1865 hours
  • Annual inspection - Will be accomplished fresh with sale including all A.D. compliance
  • IFR certification / current and will be updated with sale
  • N28037 retains its original excellent cosmetics.
  • Includes exceptional documented maintenance and service records since new. This includes published Bellanca Maintenance Check List inspections through the years, mostly Bellanca Service Center maintained. Records also include all add on STC's and correct documentation including supplemental flight manual additions, service letters, Airworthiness Directives compliance, original and updated weight and balance, as well as blueprints and drawings for STC installations. There are service receipts, parts purchase receipts from Bellanca, Inc., as well as other miscellaneous receipts and documentations. Operational manuals for the additional STC upgrades are included as well.
  • And of course all log books since new

Below you will find additional elective (non mandatory) services performed within the last 35 hours of operation of N28037. All three landing gears have been disassembled, inspected, reassembled using all new bushings and other new parts required. Recent services performed within the last 35 flight hours include a new landing gear power pack, new updated exhaust system with new A.D. compliance, new vacuum pump, new left, right, off magneto switch, new voltage regulator, all fuel gauges were removed and recalibrated as well as other miscellaneous detail.

Recent New Services Performed On N28037

Normal Maintenance and Service Items

  • New cabin door seal � x � D (3.0)
  • New vacuum pump and associated filter ARB 3-5-1
  • New induction filter BA-3
  • New oil filter CH48108-1
  • Removed, cleaned and reinstalled Com 1 and Com 2 radio pins and cleaned headset jacks
  • Removed oil filter � cut open for inspection. No defects found; replaced with new oil filter P/N CH48108-1
  • Replenished oil with 12 quarts of W100 Plus
  • Nose gear and main landing gear wheel bearings removed, cleaned, inspected, repacked and reinstalled.
  • Removed, cleaned and inspected fuel system last chance filter � no defects
  • Installed new voltage regulator � test run (all operational checks good).
  • Replacement of insulation underside of baggage cargo floor with Cool-Mat P/N 08-00610 (1.0)
  • Replaced ELT battery with battery with new P/N B1010 (0.25)
  • Replaced right nav light bulb with new P/N CM1512
  • Replaced taxi light bulb with P/N GE 4509
  • Replaced instrument panel light bulb with P/N GE330 (0.10) R
  • The following were completed � due again � annual inspection � AD compliance fresh IFR Certification

Additional Elective Service Items Added

  • Removed all landing gears from aircraft and disassembled for full refurbishment, bushing replacements, forward drag struts, center dial struts, AFT drag struts, new trunnion bushings, top nut cracker for bushings (2), lower nutcracker bushings and trunnion bracket bushings (2). Replaced new O rings and new taxi spring. See specifics for each landing gear below and reassemblies, reinstallation and alignments.
  • Left main landing gear - full disassemble for inspection and cleaning
  • The following bushings were replaced � forward drag strut, center dial strut, AFT drag strut, trunnion bushings, (2) top nutcracker boss bushings, top nutcracker fork bushings (2), lower nutcracker boss bushing and trunnion bracket bushings (2) 15 total bushings
  • New taxi spring installed, piston installed in trunnion with new lockout. Trunnion installed in aircraft with new trunnion bolt. Lower strut filled with 14 ounces of MIL-H- 56 06A hydraulic fluid � connected to trunnion, nutcracker installed with new hardware, new wiper seal installed. Drag strut installed with new hardware. Strut pressurized to 35 PSI. LMLG Actuator reconnected, wheel installed and brake pad bolts torqued to 90 lbs. LMLG rigged after installation, downlock switch installed with wiring secured. Over center and downlock switch rigged in accordance with service manual. All landing gear joints lubricated and left main wheel doors reconnected to activator rods.
  • Right main landing gear � the following bushings replaced � forward drag strut, center dial strut, AFT drag strut, trunnion bushings (2), top nutcracker fork bushings, (2) center nutcracker bushings (2), lower nutcracker fork bushings and trunnion bracket bushings (2) � 15 total bushings
  • Installed new aft inboard trunnion bracket
  • RMLG O rings removed and replaced, new taxi spring replaced, piston installed in trunnion with new lockout, trunnion installed in aircraft with new trunnion bolt, lower strut filled with 14 ounces of MIL-H-5606A hydraulic fluid, connected to trunnion, nutcracker installed with new hardware and new wiper seal installed. Drag strut installed with new hardware. Strut pressurized to 35 PSI. RMLG actuator reinstalled. Wheel installed and brake back plate bolts torqued to 90 lbs. Downlock switch installed and wiring secured. Overcenter and downlock switch rigged IAW service manual. All landing gear joints lubricated, RMLG doors reconnected to actuator rods. Nose Landing Gear
  • NLG wheel and lower strut - removed piston from trunnion. New O rings installed, new lock nut installed, NLG Aft hose replaced with new hose. Installed new landing gear taxi spring, lower strut filled with 14 ounces of MIL-H-5606A hydraulic fluid and reinstalled in trunnion with new wiper seal. Strut pressurized to 60 PSI, wheel installed, NLG joints lubricated.
  • Left and right MLG alignment performed, adjustments made final measurements 1/16 tow-in on both sides (1/8� limit). Hubcaps reinstalled.
  • Installed new overhauled Prestolite Power Pak P/N 105932-B SN-518913 by Aerospace Turbine Rotables. Power Pak and emergency extension valves/lever reinstalled in aircraft. Installed new hose and pump filled with MIL-H-5606A hydraulic fluid, system bled � OPS Check Goop � (13 seconds down, 16 seconds up). LDG RS returned to service.
  • Fuel selector overhauled
  • Fuel gauges � all fuel removed and fuel senders sent to Keystone Instruments for calibration.
  • Fuel module service by Air Parts of Lock Haven #169BC-910-3LBW and 169BC-910- 4-LBW with Bezel #86-169BC-910-4LBW
  • Fuel sender serviced � connected to system before reinstallation. All checks good. Senders reinstalled with new gaskets. Wing fuel tanks refilled incrementally. Operations and leak checks good.
  • Verified AP 2014-20-12 is non-applicable by S/V verified � no further action required
  • Replaced 5 position magneto � ignition switch with new TCM P/N 10-357210-1. Operations check � good.

N28037 Recent Services and Cost

  • Sky W Invoice 05416-2A: $ 2,558.00
  • Sky W Invoice 05416-2: $1611.47
  • Witmer�s Invoice 7167: $4585.81
  • Fly Elite Invoice 7246: $3549.15
  • Air Mods Invoice 2921: $152.48
  • Total: $12,456.91

Additional Documents Regarding N28037

Please be sure to see photos below.

Additional Detail Photos Below


Original Interior & Exterior

Always Hangared

Exceptional Maintenance

You should be able to enjoy many years of satisfying ownership which should prove to be an excellent investment as well. N28037 represents a true, genuine value!

For more information concerning the purchase of this aircraft, please click here to contact.


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