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Evolution of The Bellanca Super Viking and Present Day Availability


Evolution of The Bellanca Super Viking and Present Day Availability, an airplane already in its own refined stage, was slowly developed over decades originating from the initial design of Giuseppe Bellanca dating back to the 1930's. His design was considered far advanced in the day and has continued to evolve through the careful and continued updating of fine engineers and designers through the years. The continued path has remained to respect and maintain his aeronautical theories while including new advancements as new technologies have developed. "At home in the Air" has been their fitting logo found in each interior now for over 75 years. This continues to be apparent in well-preserved and properly restored Super Vikings that remain in their original form and configuration. The original factory design included exceptional lasting qualities and detail.

The finest of the remaining examples have special value. In this special group you will find pricing at higher levels (however excellent values) as compared to the majority of the fleet. There have been approximately 1,370 Super Vikings manufactured and an estimated 600-800 remain flying. Most of these now after 40-50 years have had many different types of owners, users, environments and histories no longer remaining in their original cosmetic form. These aircrafts however properly maintained still provide owners a very good value.

For those who would like the alternative experience of enjoying a choice later model Super Viking, an option exist. Pinckney Aircraft purchases the finest remaining later model examples and further updates and offers these Super Vikings utilizing original materials, design, patterns and colors.

Due to long periods of non-production the Super Viking may not always have kept up with every other new model, and neither was that really ever necessary. In fact, other brands have gone for extended periods of time as well without any production. Actually the Viking has progressed with continued improvements for over 50 years. Small refinements are always serving, however many good products ultimately reach a well-respected mature stage. Often to try to make unnecessary changes for the sake of changes prove to compromise previous, well thought out refinements.

Bellanca has applied this philosophy over almost a century and has gained a high recognition of uniqueness and enduring quality and value because of it.

There have been some vast and impressive improvements in general aviation in the last decade. Most deserve applaudable recognition, and some are just new entertaining ways to accomplish the same goal with a little different face. For real value seekers who appreciate long standing quality and the finer things in life, they are not necessarily driven or persuaded by each and every new update. There remains an excellent alternative to consider, the Bellanca Super Viking.

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