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Performance and Specifications
Estimated performance and capacity specifications derived from the 1979 or newer models.




Engine-Telydine Continental model 10-520K 300 HP Fuel Injected
Max. Speed at Sea Level 210 mph.
Max Cruise Speed (at 75% power) 205 mph
Takeoff Distance (over 50 ft.) 1,420 ft.
Landing Distance (over 50 ft) 1,340 ft.
Rate of Climb at Sea Level 1,210 fpm.
Service Ceiling 20,000 ft.
Stall Speed (full flaps) 70 mph.
Max. Range-w/84 useable gal. fuel 1,205 mi.





Height 7.3 ft.
Length 26.3 ft.
Wing Span 34.2 ft.
Wing Area 161.5 sq. ft.
Gross Weight 3,325 lbs.
Empty Weight (Inc. unuseables) 2,185 lbs.
Baggage Capacity 186 lbs.
Fuel Capacity-Std. System 69 gal.
Long Range System-Gal 84 gal.
Oil Capacity 12 qts.







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