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The Bellanca Super Viking

Bellanca Super Vikings have always been handcrafted and manufactured utilizing the highest quality control standards in general aviation. The Viking was first introduced in 1967 and was designated ‘Plane of the Year’ by Plane & Pilot Magazine. Its real heritage however, dates back to the 1920's, and furthermore, to 1912, since Giuseppe Bellanca's first design.

The Bellanca name, the oldest marque in American general aviation, since its inception has always been associated with fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. In a Super Viking you are surrounded by a protective heavy tubular steel roll cage to better protect you. The design of the wing still outperforms most others in its class. The roll rate of approximately 90 degrees per second is achieved while maintaining extreme stability in all three axes of flight, including stall configuration and slow flight through maximum cruise, the mark of excellence in aeronautical engineering. Often one or two axes of extreme performance are achieved at the expense of other flight characteristics.

The Super Viking, now an accumulation of nearly a century of knowledge, expertise and refinement continues to compete and performs at the very highest level with category competitors. The 210 MPH cruise speed remains competitive with that of most aircraft in it`s category. Often referred to as a true modern classic, the continued following of Bellanca through the years has been attributed to the willingness of the company to change where true advantages can be gained, while maintaining the commitment to retain the Super Viking's proven superior design.

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