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1990 Bellanca Super Viking

Registration #N26732

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Previously sold new by Pinckney Aircraft.  N26732 has benefited from a pampered existence having always been hangared in the upper Midwest since new, professionally maintained with only 1225 hours total time airframe since new.  Now with additional recent updates totaling approximately $100,000.00, outfitted in 2008 with the I0550 conversion (now approximately 60 hours total time).  Already heavily equipped from new, including the rare KFC200 Autopilot/Flight Director option at a cost of approximately $42,000.  Other updates include a new Garmin 530 (WAAS) capable, the new landing gear operating system introduced in 1993 at approximately $8,000 individual conversion cost per airplane which provides for a more efficient cycle process while eliminating many of the previous maintenance requirements.  To add to these improvements a new flight director was installed, a new Tanis engine pre-heater, standby vacuum, updated TCM flow performance fuel injectors, electronic fuel totalizer, new electronic pneumatic pressure cabin door seal, strike finding weather avoidance, and four place intercom system.  N26732 will be sold with fresh annual inspection, compliance with all A.D.'s and applicable service bulletins.

1990 Year Model Improvements

Nine more gallons of usable fuel

New redesigned screw-on fuel caps (for easier use) and filler necks to eliminate the possibility of jet fueling

Landing gear lights relocation on front and main wheel fairings for better night visibility

Landing gear system - new 160mph increased gear down speed modification

Landing gear system redesigned operating LG system upgrade introduced in 1993 added as an update modification to N26732




Information and Upgrades Exclusive to 1990 Bellanca N26732

Only 1226 hours total time since brand new

All Popular Airframe Options

Electric pneumatic cabin door seal

Deluxe interior upgrade, includes leather trim, redesigned seat pattern, gray tinted glass, vinyl headliner and chrome hardware on cargo net hooks, and sun visor hardware

KFC 200 Autopilot with Flight Direction/HSI

Garmin 530 upgrade with WAAS approach option

Strike Finder weather avoidance

Fuel computer

Four-place intercom

Tanis engine pre-heater

IO 550 factory engine conversion 2008; approximately 60 hours since conversion

Complete recent inspection, all services, AD compliance, all new tires, and tubes, disassembly of landing gears, stripped of paint, inspected, refinished and reassembled with new hardware and appropriate decals



N26732 Pricing


You may want to consider the following when comparing real value:

For the genuine appreciative serious shopper please consider N26732 with its recent updates and expenditures actually represents a far better value (although at a higher price) when considered among and to similar year model airplanes with equal or more total time. For those that would consider a new purchase this is a rare and special value alternative at a tremendous savings. The real irreplaceable value is that the limited use since new is represented by the best of care, conservative operations, and the quality of environment in which it has existed. N26732 provides for you better esthetics as compared to others, including most of the few newer examples.  N26732 is a better value when compared to all the competition.  This is almost a new aircraft for a cost that represents only about 30-35% of the last new listed Bellanca Super Viking and includes all of the most popular updates that were available.  This is a rare late-model Super Viking at a great price that will be almost impossible to duplicate with its total combined values.

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