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For a more extensive description of N28013 restoration, please read below:

1979 Bellanca Super Viking, 17-30A N28013

N28013 - an example restoration of a Bellanca Super Viking previously sold by Pinckney Aircraft and received back on trade at a later date for a new Super Viking. Always hangered since new. The exterior and interior were original, no damage history, the original engine never overhauled or out of the airplane. Previously maintained through a Bellanca Service Center and now includes most of the additional upgrade service kits. A full description of this refurbishment is included and documented in all new log books. All logs since factory new are present.






Factory Service Kits Installed

SK7-4020 - Upgrade of landing gear power pump assembly, manifold assembly, nose gear actuating cylinder with all associated hardware, new spring, linkage and rods to manufacturer's drawings.

SK1267 - 4019 Motor mount service kit is not applicable by serial number

SKB102 - Left and right outboard fuel tank drain valves installed.

A.D. 90-02-17 Drag strut bracket AD elimination of recurring inspection by installation of new drag strut bracket fittings.

SK1067-P Lead power separation service kit installed in accordance with service letter B104.

A.D. 96-18-7 Service letter B-107 pertaining to nose gear, landing gear, drag strut not applicable by serial number.

The following is a description of Inspections, Tests and Restorations that have been accomplished on N28013 as posted in the Aircraft Logbooks. AIRCRAFT AIRFRAME 1. Removed and disassembled nose landing gear. Stripped, inspected, primed, and painted all parts and hardware. Reassembled, installed and rigged I.A.W. Bellanca Maintenance Manual. 2. Removed and disassembled main wheel and brake assemblies. Stripped, inspected primed and painted all parts and hardware. Reassembled and installed. 3. Cleaned, sanded, and painted both main landing gear assemblies and checked rigging I.A.W. Bellanca Maintenance Manual. 4. Replaced all windows and windshield with new parts I.AW. Bellanca Maintenance Manual. 5. Replaced nose tire and tube with new parts. 6. Replaced battery with new GIL G�35 S/N G01808464. 7. Reinstalled engine mounts after sandblasting, inspection. Primed, and painted to original factory specifications. 8. Installed new engine lord mounts. 9. Installed engine after O/H Cont. IO-520-K S/N 557440 l.A.W. Bellanca Maintenance Manual. 10. Installed prop after O/H Hartzell HC-C3YF1RF S/N EC978 I.A.W. Bellanca Maintenance Manual. 11. Replaced all hoses firewall forward (1 ea) oil, (6 ea) fuel, (1 ea) air, (5 ea) hydraulic and (8 ea) duct hoses. 12. Replaced 6 ea EGT probes and leads with new Alcor parts. 13. Replaced engine electrical harness with factory part. 14. Replaced voltage regulator with new part, P/N 76092 S/N 5032 and over voltage relay with new part, PIN 76145 S/N 8121243. 15. Performed landing gear retraction test, ops checked good. 16. Replaced rear passenger heat control cable with factory new part. 17. Replaced all Adel clamps and tie raps and stainless steel hardware. 18. C/W AD 76-08-04 Wood deterioration inspection all OK. 19. C/W AD 76-23-03 R1 Exhaust System inspection tensions set per AD. Due next a Tach 100.0 20. C/W AD 87-11-01 Fuel caps and drains inspection. AJI drains dear and both caps replaced. Due next at 05/2000. 21. C/W AD 84-26-02 Paper inductions air filter by replacement. Due next at Tach 500.0 22. C/W AD 96-12-22 Oil Filter Adapter inspection, all secure, Due next at Tach 100.0 or oil filter removal. 23. Installed inflatable door seal per STC SA2511NM installation instruction report RFA-310, see Form 337. Weight and balance change negligible. I certify that this aircraft has been inspected in accordance with an annual inspection and determined to be in an airworthy condition. Signed: Robert D. Powell IA 267538499.


Aircraft exterior refinished utilizing approved factory process, all procedures and back to factory new color and configuration in all detail. Removed main landing gear wheel    doors, fore and aft leading and trailing fairings, and nose wheel doors (3). Replaced with two new side doors. Removed all aluminum inspection plates and panels (approximately 50 parts), all aluminum trim/windshield strap/underside wing-root aluminum straps, landing light frame. Plexiglas lens for replacement. Removed communication antennas on top of aircraft, navigation light Plexiglas replaced later with all new including rubber weather-strip/new access screws etc., removed aluminum hub caps, wing root fiberglass fairings, spinner rear underside aluminum ground plain mounting surface, pitot tube (replaced with new chrome) upper and lower cowling, propeller (propeller overhauled and refinished to factory new appearance including proper decals, and motor mount removed for sandblasting, inspection and refinish to new original color! All firewall forward accessories, hoses, electrical, exhaust, etc. removed for new parts prior to painting. Removed all doorjamb plates, accessories hinges, hardware, doorstops, springs, weather-strip, etc. for doorjamb stripping for refinish with all new parts, screws, and hardware. The fiberglass upper and lower cowlings were cleaned inside first then stripped of any paint, refinished with ultra high heat resistant flat white paint. Installed NEW area heat shield insulation, as removed. Exterior of cowlings as well as all fiberglass parts were properly step stripped, sanded, re-primed and prepared for refinish process. All aluminum parts were chemically stripped, etched, and allydined on BOTH SIDES/ ALL backside (interior surfaces were then Zinc chromated, primed) exterior surfaces Zinc chromated, primed and prepared for refinish. The total remaining exterior aircraft was stripped of its original final finish including all of underside by non-damaging process, to the original silver ultraviolet protective coating. Any discrepancies were corrected per factory approved process and materials, including build up process, proper feathering out of all areas required. The aircraft was chemically cleaned after preparation and primed as necessary prior to final finish. All exterior parts previously removed were painted separately OFF of the aircraft. The aircraft was masked thoroughly not to allow overspray in the undesired areas. The airframe received three total coats of Imron (paint numbers and colors to be listed) to the original four color factory paint scheme and measurements utilizing Bellanca factory original blueprints. This includes all correctly placed new decals including underside and landing gear decals (after landing gear refurbishment) (separate entry later). All previously removed and refinished parts were reinstalled utilizing all new hardware, stainless steel screws where applicable. New upper and lower cowling camlocks, hardware, etc, were used. All new rubber seals weather-stripping, wing root rubber weather-stripping, etc. installed. All new Plexiglas, landing light lens and nav light tens were all installed with factory new parts. Installed new rubberized leading edge tape on rear horizontal stabilizers and strut braces. Installed new underside communication antennas for reduced drag and better appearance. Installed re-chromed pitot tube and new hardware. Refinished wing walk to original appearance. Numerous other miscellaneous details completed. Propeller is overhauled and refinished to new configuration, decals, etc.

THE EXTERIOR PAINT NUMBERS ARE AS FOLLOWS: ALL ARE DUPONT IMRON. Base color white is #55769U Vol. LE 4.9 Vol AP 4.9. First trim color burnt orange is #7455 MODIFIED to the following to lighten the color: #555U white at 98.0 #53U Jet black 159.0. #557U. Fast red 815.5. #547U Orange 2496.5. Second trim color beige is #78390. The pin strip is orange #1021. All colors are Dupont Imron. The cabin and baggage doorjambs were refinished in base coat white #55769U. Inside both main fuel tanks doors were prepped and refinished to original color. New fuel caps were installed and inside decals as required. Auxillary fuel tank door prepped and refinished inside including cap and required decals. Installed new inboard leading edge vent screens (black) Reinstalled leading edge stall strips after refinish with stainless steel hardware. Installed new exterior ELT antenna and replaced nav antenna with new. All control surfaces balanced, checked weight and balance, change determined negligible. All procedures and processes inspected and approved. Signed, Robert D. Powell A + 1267538499


The following information is from the engine logbooks: Tachometer Time: 0 Total Time Since New: 2097 Hours

Major Overhaul accomplished on this Teledyne Continental Series 10 5520K Model Powerplant Serial Number 557440 to factory specification in accordance with Teledyne Continental Motors overhaul manual. Complete disassembly of all internal parts and components. All internal steel parts magnafluxed, V.A.R. Crankshaft magnafluxed and ultrasonic inspection performed by Buldoc Aviation Specialized Services Repair Station #KM5R993M. All six cylinders mic checked to specification and reconditioned to original factory tolerances utilizing NU-CHROME process by Harrison Engine Services Inc. Repair Station #NOLR2R988K. Fuel Injection System overhauled including new engine driven mechanical fuel pump by Aircraft Accessories Certified Repair Station # RV3R829L. The following NEW PARTS WERE INSTALLED (NEW INTERNAL ENGINE PARTS) SIX SA530658 Rod Bushings/ SIX-SA641951 Exhaust Valve Guides / SIX-SA643776 Intake Valve Guides/ SIX SA646895 Oil Seals/ Eight-SA350998 Crankshaft Bushings/ Twelve-SA639193 Counterweight Bushings. Four-SA643525-101 Counterweight Pins/ TWO-SA630261-37 Counterweight Pins/ TWO-SA-630261-38 Counter-weight Pins/ Twelve-SA630826 Rod Bearings/ Twelve-SA629340 Rod Bolts/ Twelve-SA628109 Rod Nuts/ Twelve-AN38125-10 Keys/ One-SA-535661 Camshaft/ One-55756-8 Key/ Six SA�637837 Exhaust Valves/ Six-SA539988 Intake Valves/ Twelve SA629117-1 Roto Coils/ Twelve�SA631521/ Twelve SA-637837 Valve Springs/ Six SA-628488 lntake Lifters/ Six SA646277 Exhaust Lifters/ One SA646588-A1 Crankshaft Main Bearing Set/ Six SA648013 Pistons (Set)I Six SA52 01SC2 Piston Rings (Set)/ Twelve 652541 Cylinder Base Nuts/ Thirty-Six 531001 Cylinder Base Nuts/ One l0-823674-1 Teledyne Continental Motors Ignition Wiring Harness/ Twelve RHB32E Champion Ignition Spark Plugs. Cleaned and Inspected Oil Cooler/ leaned, Inspected and Resealed Oil Pump/ Reassembled Power-plant with all new Gasket Sets, Seals and Hoses in accordance with Teledyne Continental Motors Overhaul manual. Overhauled Starter/ Overhauled Alternator/ Overhauled Left and Right Magneto Assemblies/ Installed (BOTH) New Magneto Cam assemblies P.N. 10-400166-4/ Installed New Magneto Oil Seals (BOTH) P.N. l0-48944/ Complied with AD # 82-20-1 Bendix Magneto Impulse Couplers on (BOTH) Magnetos/ Next Due at 500 Hours Tach Time/ Complied with all Engine Airworthiness Directives to date. Engine ready to return to service. ENGINE NOT PRE-OILED. END Signed: Bob Leaders A&P #1428281.


1. Installed this engine on aircraft N28013 Bellanca 17�30A S1N79-30955 after O/H I.A.W. Bellanca Maintenance Manual. 2. Replaced all hoses firewall forward, (1 ea) oil, (6 ea) fuel, (1 ea) air, (5 ea) hydraulic, and (8 ea) duct hose. 3. C/W AD 96-12-22 Oil filter adapter inspection. All secure due next at Tach 100.0 or oil filter removal. 4. C/W AD 76-23-03 R1 Exhaust system inspection. Tensions set per AD due next at Tach 100.0. 5. C/W AD 84-26-02 Paper induction air filter by replacement due next at Tach 500.0. 6. Installed two new polished exhaust stacks, P/N 201047-0 and P/N 201048-0. 7. Serviced engine with 12 qts Aeroshell 100 mineral oil and pre-oiled engine 8. Checked magneto timing to 20'. 9. Test ran engine, no leaks noted.

I certify that this aircraft has been inspected in accordance with an annual inspection and determined to be in an airworthy condition. Signed: Robert D. Powell IA 267538499.

PROP LOGBOOK TACH: 0.0 T.T.: 2097.0 1. Installed this prop on aircraft N28013 Bellanca 17-30A S/N79-30955 After O/H I.A.W. Bellanca Maintenance Manual.

I certify that this aircraft has been inspected in accordance with an annual inspection and determined to be in an airworthy condition. Signed: Robert D. Powell IA267538499


All instruments, avionics, switches, etc. removed from instrument panel. Removed instrument panel and control wheels for refinish to the original new detail specification. Instrument panel totally stripped to bare metal and refinished to original specification utilizing approved materials. For this aircraft the original beige almond color with black silkscreen per new aircraft process was utilized. All new color coded beige almond screws installed at reassembly. Installed new switch frames, color code placards numerous hardware as required and miscellaneous detail to like-new appearance. Installed all instruments after refinish to like new appearance. AlI avionics bench checked, aligned to specification. Photocells replaced in nav/coms. All avionics operations checked and reinstalled in aircraft. Reinstalled S-TEC 60 Pitch stabilization system after factory service. Installed refurbished (to original coating specs) control yokes (2) and installed new center piece Bellanca emblems. Reinstalled control wheel push-to-talk, map light, autopilot disconnect and electric trim switch after refinished to like new condition. Installed new zero time TACHOMETER, new internally lighted VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR part #7040 Serial # 281630. Both communication antennas removed Transponder antenna removed. Installed new larger ground plane. Mounted new Com antenna C 1- 122 (bent whip) and installed new coax cable to the number one com. Installed new ground on underside/ bottom of fuselage and mounted second new Com antenna C1-122 (bent whip). Installed new coax for the number two com, installed a new ground plane and installed a new coax cable to the transponder. Installed a new transponder antenna C1-105. Removed and replaced DME antenna with C1-l05 antenna. Remove emergency locator transmitter antenna and installed new Narco ELT-10 antenna. Installed new static lines and fittings for pitot/static system. Performed all required inspections and operations checks on all systems. All operation checks good. Return to Service. End.


Vernier control throttle cable and knobs Vernier control Propeller control cable and knobs (Blue per new requirement) Vernier control Mixture control cable and knob New 6 Probe E.G.T. Gauge New 6 Probe E.G.T. Gauge selector switch (6 position switch) New Fuel selector switch, indicator and housing

1. Removed the vacuum gauge from the aircraft and installed factory new gauge. Test ran the aircraft, all checks good. 2. The altimeter test and inspections required by FAR 91 .411 were performed, and found to comply with FAR 43 appendix E to an altitude of 20,000 feet on altimeter Part number: 503 SP�P44 Serial Number 17931. 3. The aircraft static system required by FAR 91. 411 were performed and found to be satisfactory Tach 0.0  4. The ATC Transponder test and inspections required by FAR 91.413 were performed and found to comply with FAR 43 Appendix E & F. Make: Collins Model TDR-950 Serial Number: 25085. Details of these inspections are on file at this repair station under our WO#1621.


REMOVED COMPLETE INTERIOR for total refurbishment to factory original specification, pattern, and stitching configuration utilizing Bellanca, lnc. factory new materials in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulation 25.853 burn test requirements. Removed all window frames, stripped of paint and refinished to factory original color code reinstalled with new hardware including new stainless steel screws. Installed all new factory green tint Plexiglas including new windshield, pilot vent window with new vent window weather-strip. Prior to windshield installation stripped and refinished both windshield fuselage braces to original semi-gloss black and installed two new checklist decals. Installed two new glareshield covers, covered with genuine Black Bark (dark brown) suede leather. Installed new glareshield vent screens. Refinished vertical compass appearance. Removed cabin floorboards and baggage floorboard, remove all underside insulation, thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled ALL new underside covered foam insulation Thoroughly vacuumed and evacuated interior cavity of fuselage of any debris, cleaned and replaced any belly insulation as required Stripped all doorjambs of paint including baggage doorjamb, refinished to correct color, installed all new polished aluminum doorjamb plates (provided by Bellanca, Inc.), new hardware, and baggage door spring hinge. Installed new baggage door weather strip. Installed new cabin door pressurized door seal per STC SA2511NM installation instructions (see 337 Form In aircraft records). Installed new cabin door sliding door stop. Installed new Chrome Kit per new Bellanca Aircraft production option including sunvisor armature and hardware, new chrome cargo net hooks (ten total). Installed factory new cargo net. The interior was refurbished with the following Bellanca, Inc. factory new materials. This includes four head rests, four seats and seat backs, four side panels, total baggage compartment construction, headliner, carpet with additional top mat sets, matching seat back pockets and two baggage door pockets. Rear seat matching decorator pillows. Materials are as follows: Headliner, Bellanca LP710 Sand Beige Puma Body cloth, Bellanca LL259 Maple Lynx. Vinyl trim, imitation leather Bellanca Mocha Eclipse. Carpet, Bellanca Mocha Eclipse with Mocha Eclipse binding. Statement of compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations in aircraft records. Installed new matching seat belts and two new rear matching shoulder harness by Aero Fabricators, W.O. #0413067. Reinstalled matching front seat inertia) shoulder harnesses. Installed new Bellanca, Inc. matching Bark (brown) leather pilot operating handbook with brass hardware and new contents in clear plastic lamination pages. Installed new Bellanca, lnc matching Bark Brown leather three ring binder with brass hardware. Contents include new logbooks per this refurbishment and all aircraft records since new including all log books (the original set). All updated information in plastic laminated three ring pages concerning applicable airworthiness directives etc. Installed new Electra-Voice microphone and bracket. Installed factory new tow bar. Installed new fuel drain sump. Installed new H3R Halon fire extinguisher Aircraft fire protection use only, by design (F.A.A. approved) All vent controls, heat controls, interior lighting and four place intercom system operations checked Approved for return to service. Signed, Jesse D. Bono AP #216569990.

1979 Bellanca Super Viking 17-30A Serial #79-30955 Registration #N28013

Primary Exterior Color: White First Trim Color: Burnt Orange Secondary Trim Color: Beige

Interior Colors: Mocha Eclipse Headliner: Sand Beige Puma Glareshield: Black Bark (Dark Brown) Suede Leather / Factory New Vinyl Trim: Mocha Eclipse / Factory New Body Cloth: Maple Lynx / Factory New Carpet: Mocha Eclipse / Factory New Instrument Panel: Beige Almond / Factory New Glass Tint: Green / Windshield and all Side Windows / Factory New

Total Time Aircraft Since New: 2097 Hours Total Time since New Tachometer: Zero    Now 42 Hours Total Time since Propeller Overhaul: Zero    Now 42 Hours Annual Inspection Status including Air Worthiness Directive Compliance    IFR Certification: Updated with Sale Aircraft Always Hangared Prior This Service No Damage History


ELECTRICAL Automatic Gear Extension System Courtesy Dome Light Landing Gear Warning System Fully Illuminated Panel with Rheostats Stall Warning System Pilot Map Lights Landing and Taxi Lights Fun Electric System with Circuit Breakers Nav Lights Heavy Duty 12 Volt Battery Strobe Lights 60 Amp Alternator 12 Volts (14 Volt System) Flap Position Lights Voltage Regulator with High-Low Flap Position Preselect Circuit Warning Lights Electric Two Position Fuel Boost Pump High-Low Voltage Sensor Heated Pitot System Shielded Ignition Harness Electric Clock

INSTRUMENTS Emergency Locator Transmitter True Airspeed Indicator Recording Tachometer Sensitive Altimeter Manifold Pressure Gauge Vertical Speed Indicator Fuel Flow Gauge Outside Air Temperature Gauge Fuel Gauge Grope- Continuous Reading Artificial Horizon Oil Temperature Gauge Directional Gyro Oil Pressure Gauge Turn Coordinator Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge Suction Gauge Exhaust Gas Temperature Magnetic Compass Ammeter

SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE Heavy Duty 6-Ply Tires with Tubes Shoulder Harness and Lap Belts for All Seats Steerable Nose Wheel Pilot Storm Window Wheel Doors Ash Trays Tow Bar Dual Controls Elevator Trim Retracting Tie Down Rings High Pressure Windshield Defrosting System Jack Pads Ignition, Cabin Door and Luggage Door Locks Single Control Fuel Selector Cleveland Wheels Double Pressure Disc Brakes Fuel Sump Drain System Parking Brake Oil Quick Drain Exhaust Muffler System Vernier Controls for Prop, Throttle and Mixture


Three Bladed Propeller Golf Club / Ski Tube Retainer Fifteen Gallon Fuselage Auxiliary Fuel Tank (Total 83 Gallons) Co-Pilot Brakes Wheel Doors Auxiliary Power Receptacle Electric Trim Control Wheel Mic Switch (Push-to-Talk) Right Side Microphone Jacks Electrovoice Microphones (2) Right Side Microphone Reclining Front Seats Front Seat and Rear Inertial Shoulder Harness Baggage Door Storage Pockets Suede Glare Shield Cover Left Side Sun Visor Tinted Plexiglas

Altitude Reporting Altimeter (United Instruments) W T Strobe Light System Proflite Operational Group / Deluxe Interior Lighting Deluxe Interior Package and lighting Control Wheel Map Light Chrome Kit Cleveland Wheels and Brakes Six Probe EGT Engine Analyzer Vertical Compass Pitot Heat Built in ELT Cowl Flaps Tow Bar Radio Master Switch Cargo Net

AVIONICS PACKAGE    Fun Collins Digital Microline Collins AMR-350 Audio Panel with Three Light Marker Beacon Collins VHF-251 Transceiver Collins VHF-251 Transceiver Collins VIR-351 Receiver Collins VIR-351 Receiver Collins IND-350 VOR / Localizer Indicator Collins IND-351 VOR / Localizer / Glideslope Indicator Collins GLS-350 Glideslope Receiver Collins RCR-650-A ADF Receiver Collins IND-650-A ADF Indicator Collins ANT-650-A ADF Antenna Collins TRC-451 DME Transceiver Collins IND-650-A ADF Indicator Collins ANT-451 DME Antenna Collins TDR-9S0 Transponder with Altitude Readout Collins ANS-351 RNAV Eight Waypoint Memory Navigation Computer Collins ANS-351 RNAV Indicator PS Engineering Four Place Intercom Avionics Master with Dual Position Electric Clock GPS II Morrow Apollo Model 8002 AUTOPILOT Century IIB upgraded to S-TEC Pitch/Stabilization System equivalent to S-TEC 60-2 Autopilot which includes Altitude Hold plus Vertical Speed Select, Glideslope Couple, VOR / LOC / BACKCOURSE plus GPS Coupling.

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