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Sold display model - For viewing purposes only





Bellanca N28047


Total Time Since New Airplane & Engine………… 975 Hours


No Damage History


Always Hangared / Upper Midwest


Fresh Annual Inspection / All Airworthiness Directives compliance including compliance with the recent exhaust system A.D. (including power lead modification) as the secondary compliance option (now accomplished on N28047) by redesign modifications of the exhaust system that will now eliminate the necessity of repetitive 50 hour inspections in the future

Fresh IFR Certification With Sale

IN ADDITION to the extensive restoration details you will observe further below, recent additional services added are new propeller governer, new engine bafflings, new miscellaneous hoses in addition to the recent all new fuel system hoses, recent 500 hour dual Magneto A.D. accomplished and complied with, upgraded safety exhaust and P lead system.

Exterior Colors: Northern White 4296 / Beige 42807 / Bengal Tan 96939

Interior Colors: Champagne with Dark Brown Vinyl (simulated leather)

Instrument Panel: Beige Almond to new factory specifications including all lettering

Glare shield: (Bark) dark brown suede

Glass: New windshield, green tint

All Popular Airframe Options Plus


Electric Trim

Long Range Fuel System / 84 Gallons / 75 Useable Gallons

Pneumatic Cabin Door Seal (New)

Ski Tube

Chrome Interior Kit

3 Blade Propeller

Green tint Plexiglas

True airspeed indicator

Four-place shoulder harness restraint system

Push-to-talk control wheel mount mic button

Davtron M800 Chronometer/Flight Timer


Avionics Package


· King KMA 24 Audio Panel

· PS Engineering 1000 Intercom

· Northstar M3 GPS

· King KX 197A COM (number 1)

· King KX 197A COM (number 2)

· King KNS80 RNAV, DME, Glide Slope IFR Certified Navigation System

· King KCS-55A Slaved HSI (with KI525A Horizontal/Pictorial Navigational Indicator)

· King KN-53 #2 Navigation System

· King KI203 #2 Navigational Indicator

· King KR85 ADF with KI227 Indicator

· King KT-76A Transponder

· WX-10A Storm Scope



    Century IIB Autopilot with all couplers PLUS ADD ON

    S TEC Systems 60 Flight Stabilization System consisting of:

Altitude Hold

Vertical Speed Select

Heading Select

Direct Navigation Select

Glideslope Coupling


 Autopilot system completely evaluated, updated, serviced including new servo, new artificial horizon other miscellaneous items, flight testing and fine tuning.







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(Most important reading of all)  ALTHOUGH N28047 was in the very finest original condition and was always hangared in the midwest, an approximate one year updating process was accomplished to restore this airplane to its like new original condition. N28047 represents the standard always offered by Pinckney Aircraft. (SEE PREVIOUS/PAST INVENTORY ON OUR SITE BY CLICKING ON THAT HEADING).


This Bellanca Super Viking has only 975 hours total time since new airframe and engine. This is the original factory engine, always operated and well preserved with the utmost care according to the previous 85 year old retiring owner.  Separate compression tests in the past year have verified what I had been told by this previous senior owner. They remain 1.76/80 2. 77/80 3.74/80 4.76/80 5.78/80 6. 77/80 (MOST REMARKABLE.)


WE CHOSE TO UPDATE SEVERAL AREAS ON THIS AIRPLANE TO MAKE IT AS CLOSE TO NEW AS REASONABLY POSSIBLE. This included compliance with the recent exhaust A.D. through overhaul and the new OPTION 2 modification service that eliminates the 50 hour inspection (approximately a $5000 upgrade). The FUEL SYSTEM was almost completely overhauled, with new components and hoses, this upgrade represents an approximate $8300 value. Also Gami Fuel Injectors are installed and again recently certified. The magnetos have been updated per 500 hour inspection. AUTOPILOT SYSTEM recent services, updated with new artificial horizon, servo, computer board, fully calibrated and all functions updated and fully serviced as required ( $8000 upgrade).


Other miscellaneous items FWF were refreshed as necessary. With these updates on the original factory engine and the care it has has received over the years, the new owner should appreciate many remaining years of service life. The exterior was in EXCEPTIONAL ORIGINAL condition, however has now just been refurbished to again like new original (SEE THIS EXTENSIVE PROCEDURE ON OUR SITE BY CLICKING HERE   Exterior Restoration Example ) and view the extensive correct process. The original Instrument panel was removed by associated certified avionics repair facilities, stripped and refaced by Air Capitol Dial of Kansas to new original beige almond color with exact original black lettering, new dark brown suede glare shield, new windshield green tint , lots of details, new placards ( SEE THIS EXTENSIVE PROCEDURE ON OUR SITE BY CLICKING HERE Instrument Panel Restoration Example ).  The front and rear seats and all four side panels were almost perfect, however our expert refurbished all including factory original materials, design and pattern including the matching portion in the side panels.  The original headliner and carpets were not replaced due to their exceptional condition. The landing gears were removed, disassembled, stripped of all paint, inspected. New parts replaced if necessary, refinished, new original factory decals and reassembled using all new hardware, all wheels disassembled, inspected, refinished, bearings, bushings updated as required, 3 new Goodyear Flight Customs with new tubes ( SEE THIS EXTENSIVE PROCEDURE ON OUR SITE BY CLICKING HERE Landing Gear Restoration Example ).


Numerous additional services and updates were performed.


N28047 is heavily equipped /Full King digital IFR Certified/ KCS 55A HSI / WX10 Stormscope/ S-TEC Autopilot System with all capabilities/couplers / Northstar M3 GPS. The airplane is now essentially like new spinner to tail, underside, as well as all the operating functions. The price is only $146,500 representing an almost new Super Viking for about 20-25% of the last new replacement cost.


MOST IMPORTANT HOWEVER is the fact the updating was applied to an extremely very well preserved original no damae history airplane with high end ownership and having always been well maintained and properly hangared. N28047 now has almost every one of the updates of the last NEW Super Viking manufactured.


N28047 represents an airplane that looks like a NEW AIRPLANE and can perform for you safely and in comfort for many decades easily with care and with minimal annual maintenance expense. Just put it in a nice hangar and give it its due care and attention in a proper way on the occasions when the needs arise.

N28047, an excellent value, seeking the right new home.


Mike Pinckney 850-432-3089   OR   email at mmp27@cox.net



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