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Pricing and Value



            N28013 represents a model that was totally refurbished to promote a program in which existing owners could bring their Super Vikings to the Bellanca factory in Minnesota and restore their original Super Vikings back to like-new or very close to like-new condition. N28013 was a trade-in on a new Super Viking at the time that was based in Arizona, always hangared, and with no damage history. The total time was about 2100 hours.

            Approximately $200,000 was invested in N28013 at the time and due to the costs involved, it was determined not to be an economically viable program to pursue. In fact, with today’s new replacement value of approximately $550,000 for a new Super Viking, such a program today might very well be viable and provide a tremendous value to the marketplace.

            N28013 does not in any way represent the average market place and further, by far exceeds the (PCA) qualifications outlined in the Aircraft Blue Book. If you have a serious interest, please take the time to read in detail all of the services performed. At the new offered price, it will represent a bargain for the one who recognizes this. Always hangared and available for immediate delivery with a fresh annual inspection.




Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest, the recognized appraisal publication serving banks and insurance companies, has established new important consideration to the Bellanca Super Viking market. Due to the limited production of the Super Viking there are few resale transactions reported. Research has concluded however, there are important true market value facts and documented transactions that have been reported to support the new appraisal points that now provide for relating to this additional (PCA) market consideration.

Where the Bluebook always made reference that (PCA) qualified Bellanca Super Vikings had value that exceed PCA recommendation, new considerations now apply due to more comprehensive research. Several factors contribute to the additional appraisal consideration that is included in the Spring 2008 edition.

Another consideration is that there has been limited production since the years following the 1985 models. An additional contributing factor is the fact the price of a new Super Viking has increased an approximate 40% since 1995. 

These facts combined establish that certain (PCA) late model Super Vikings have separate and significant additional true fair market value consideration. In fact, a low-time true qualifying PCA Super Viking can be by far a better value with the additional updated appraisal consideration as opposed to an average retail value Super Viking. 

To facilitate this new appraisal consideration, Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest has determined it was best to leave the most current value reporting the same; however, with the important new appraisal point included, posted in the additional added-on equipment section. This will separate the values as there are also rough or substandard Super Vikings that do not even qualify as average. The new appraisal points now include considerations that correctly represent the fair value of 1969-1985 true PCA qualified Bellanca Super Vikings.

An important consideration is to understand that new paint, interior, upgrades or low times in themselves do not establish qualifications to meet this new PCA value consideration. Exceptional original condition or factory quality restorations of extensive original authentic detail, design, specifications and materials are required in all phases and must be present to receive this full additional PCA value. A partial and appropriate consideration of this new appraisal point should apply in select situations of aircraft that possess all of these AUTHENTIC qualities however with some depreciated  or partial considerations. For EXAMPLE, either an exceptional original well cared for OR previous FULL AUTHENTIC restoration of the past remaining in this almost pristine condition with a mid time engine can have value consideration equal to a fair allocated proportion of these new appraisal points. With regard to N28013 the very minimal appraisal consideration would far exceed the asking price.

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