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1995 Bellanca Super Viking 17-30A
Serial #95-301022
Registration #N286SV

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General Description
1995 Model Year Improvements
Standard Equipment
Safety & Convenience
Airframe Optional Equipment
Avionics Package
Auto Pilot
Weather Avoidance

General Description

Total Time since new airframe and engine: Only 220 Hours!
Primary exterior color: Juneau White (B4243-U)
First trim color: Cumulus Grey Metallic (Silver) (4488-U)
Second trim color: Dark Red Metallic (Maroon) (5477-U)
Interior color: Smoke Grey Lynx, Puma
Glareshield: Smoke Grey UltraSuede
Instrument panel: Charcoal with white lettering
Glass tint: Gray, windshield and all side windows

History of Aircraft:

One owner since new
Aircraft always hangared
Aircraft always serviced by Bellanca Inc. or Bellanca Service Center since new
No damage history
Oil changes average 25 hours or less since new

Improvements included in the 1995 Model Year:

• The landing lights have been relocated to the main wheel
• The landing gear down speed has been increased to 160 MPH
• The fuel system has been revised to give nine more gallons of useable fuel
• The fuel caps and filler neck size have been reduced to prevent the possibility of fueling the
aircraft with jet fuel
• New improved hydraulic gear retraction system plus reduced cycle time
• New “slim line” main gear doors. Adds approximately 3-5 knots airspeed 


Automatic Gear Extension System Courtesy Dome Light
Landing Gear Warning System Fully Illuminated Panel with Rheostats
Stall Warning System Pilot Map Lights
Landing and Taxi Lights Full Electric System with Circuit
Nav Lights Breakers
Strobe Lights Heavy Duty 12 Volt Battery
Flap Position Lights 60 Amp Alternator, 12 Volts (14 Volt
Flap Position Preselect Circuit System)
Electric Two Position Fuel Boost Pump Voltage Regulator with High-Low
Heated Pitot System Warning Lights
Electric Clock High-Low Voltage Sensor
Shielded Ignition Harness

Emergency Locator Transmitter
True Airspeed Indicator Recording Tachometer
Sensitive Altimeter Manifold Pressure Gauge
Vertical Speed Indicator Fuel Flow Gauge
Outside Air Temperature Gauge Fuel Gauge Grope- Continuous Reading
Artificial Horizon Oil Temperature Gauge
Directional Gyro Oil Pressure Gauge
Turn Coordinator Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge
Suction Gauge Exhaust Gas Temperature
Magnetic Compass Ammeter

Shoulder Harness and Lap Belts for All Seats Heavy Duty 6-Ply Tires with Tubes
Pilot Storm Window Steerable Nose Wheel
Ash Trays Wheel Doors
Dual Controls Tow Bar
Elevator Trim Retracting Tie-Down Rings
High Pressure Windshield Defrosting System Jack Pads
Ignition, Cabin Door and Luggage Door Locks Single Control Fuel Selector
Cleveland Wheels Double Pressure Disc Brakes Fuel Slump Drain System
Parking Brake Oil Quick Drain
Exhaust Muffler System Vernier controls for Prop, Throttle and


Three-Blade McCauley Propeller
Golf Club/Ski Tube Retainer
Fifteen Gallon Fuselage Auxiliary Fuel Tank (Total 84 Gallons)
Co-Pilot Brakes
Pressurized Cabin Door Seal
Auto-Axion Gear Disable Function
Air-Oil Separator by Walker Engineering
Brackett Air Filter (STC Add-on)
Fire Extinguisher
Electric Control Wheel Mounted Trim (Plus Automatic Trim)
Pilot Control Wheel Mic Switch (push-to-talk)
Right Side Microphone Jacks
PS Engineering PM1000 Intercom
Accessory and Lighter Plug
Four Place Inertial Shoulder Harness
Gray Tinted Plexiglas
Sun Visor (Dark Tint/Chrome Hardware)
Davtron Chronometer
True Airspeed Indicator
Heated Pitot Tube
Alternate Static Source
Outside Air Temperature
Three-Position Strobe Light – Nav Light System
Deluxe Heavy Carpet Option
Interior Chrome Trim Kit


King KMA 24 Audio Panel with Three Light Marker Beacon
PS Engineering PM 1000 Intercom System
Electra Voice Microphone
King KX 155 NAV/COM
King KX 155 NAV/COM with Glideslope
King KX 208 VOR/LOC Indicator
EDO Aire HSD 360 HSI (Horizontal Situational Indicator)
with Heading Selector and Glideslope Indicator
King KT 76 Transponder with Encoder
Garmin 155 TSO’d GPS Global Positioning Satellite Navigation System
IFR Certified including approaches (Fresh update)
GPS Autopilot Coupling
Argus 3000 Moving Map System coupled to GPS

S-TEC System 60-2 Automatic Flight Guidance System consisting of Altitude Hold, Vertical Speed Command, Heading Selector, VOR. Localizer Glideslope Coupling, Plus Reverse Course Coupling. 

BF Goodrich WX900 Stormscope

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Photographs - Some Previous Inventory
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