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Serial #79-30910
One private owner since new

  • Exterior Colors - Juneau White, Harbour Blue, Biscayne Blue
  • Interior Colors - Dark Marine Crush Blue/Vinyl Blue Marine
  • Plexiglass, new, green tint
  • Total Time Since Factory New: 1571 hours
  • 10 Hours Since Major Overhaul
  • 10 Hours Since New Propeller Governor
  • Always hangared
  • No damage history
  • All log books since new (exceptional records)
  • New log books, second set, start with major overhaul and restoration
    New log book restoration documentation available for viewing.
  • Annual inspection and full AD compliance is included with the sale
  • Fresh IFR certification will be completed at time of sale.

Airframe Options

  • Dual brakes
  • Long range fuel
  • 3 blade propellor
  • Ski tube
  • Wingtip strobes
  • Tinted glass
  • L & R side mic/headphone jacks
  • Iscom 2 place intercom
  • Digital tachometer
  • Electronics International - volt/amp reporting
  • Pneumatic pressurized cabin door seal
  • Auto axion disable option
  • EGT six graph engine analyzer plus CHT alert


Avionics Package

Factory Installed New:
  • Collins Digital Microline - all refurbished including new face plates, lens, knobs
  • DME, ADF freshly serviced - work excellent
  • New surplus KLN89 GPS, fresh battery and data card update, and includes new operating manual
  • Stormscope WX9
  • Iscom Intercom
  • Century II Autopilot with heading select VOR/LOC/NAV and reverse course coupling.


Brief Description of Restoration

  • Exterior refreshed per original colors*
  • Complete new interior to original factory specifications including secondary appointments, chrome kit, new correct factory suede glare shield material proper installation with Plexiglass removed
  • New Plexiglass, all including windscreen
  • Instrument panel removed, refinished to original finish with lettering
  • New avionics face plates, lens, knobs
  • Miscellaneous new interior accessories - center console, other
  • Avionics complete service
  • Rebuilt flight instruments
  • Full landing gear refurbish, refinished, new hardware, wheels, and new tires
  • New glare shields
  • New landing gear upgrade system
  • Firewall forward restored in all details - exhaust, hoses, clamps, extensive
    like-new FWF in detail, motor mount refinished and new lord motor mounts installed
  • Numerous other - can be found in new log books
  • New updated new style circuit breakers
  • New FAA approved fire extinguishers
  • New battery
  • Auto Pilot refreshed and serviced to specifications


*N28166 Exterior

N28166 did not receive a total exterior refurbishment, however it was by choice in the spirit of maintaining its well-cared-for original history. For example, the underside of the fuselage and wings have remained almost as new through the years. Many prefer to see this as it exposes the aircraft's history, as well as eliminating the question of any damage history.

The topside of the airplane including the top of the wings as well as the trim were repainted to correct original color specifications. Photographs are available of the airplane prior to our refresh of the exterior so the next owner will fully appreciate the original example N28166 represented prior to our services.




Below find a detailed description of all the services performed on N28166. The details below contain the actual word-for-word entries into the airplane's logbooks.



N28166 Log Book Entries

N28166 Airframe
Total Time - 1657.46

New (Log Book) Entry

This aircraft N28166 removed from service this day for elective non-mandatory refurbishing and updating per customer request by Blue Angel Aviation. Previous annual inspection accomplished by Blue Angel Aviation 5-7-2008 which can be found with original Airframe Log Book which is included with the complete aircraft records. Two new log books, Aircraft and Engine (the second set) begin at this point to reflect the new airframe services that will be performed and first engine overhaul. The two new log books reflect in correct chronological order the continuation of services on this aircraft from the two original log books which can be found in the aircraft records. Additional work orders are included in the aircraft records to support the most recent work accomplished.


Instrument panel removed for complete restoration to new original appearance and fabrication services accomplished by Bill’s Machine, Milton, FL. Drilled new Instrument holes as required, new hardware. Panel shipped to Air Capitol Dial in Wichita, KS, stripped of all original finish, prepared and refinished to original black finish with all new correct white silk screened re-lettering. Avionics and instruments fully serviced, overhauled or replaced including face plates and lens by Blue Angel Aviation ( Six Authorized Release Certificates signed off by Mike Swift approval certificate number 3152282 of these items and are included with aircraft records), fabricated sheet metal nut plate straps and flush riveted, attached all component mounting racks and assured proper spacing. New brackets fabricated for autopilot controller. Instrument panel and all associated reassembly reinstalled after refinish by Blue Angel Aviation, new instruments, all avionics, new face plates, lens covers, instruments, switches, installation of new surplus King KLN89 GPS. For all details see Blue Angel W/O M7742 AND AMS W/O 020512-28166 and other associated Blue Angel Aviation work orders included with aircraft records.

Removed exhaust for overhaul and AD compliance . Removed engine for overhaul, removed nose wheel assembly, removed engine mount and FWF components for inspection, detail overhaul or replacement, thoroughly cleaned firewall and resurfaced to like new appearance. Nose wheel removed from fork assembly for disassembly, inspection and refinishing. Engine mount sent to Kosola and Associates, Inc. for stripping of finish, inspection, refinish and re-certification (work order #08687). Engine mount reinstalled utilizing new Barry rubber isolation mounts (2 P/N 94030-01 and 2 P/N 94031-01). Stripped, inspected, refinished nose wheel gear assembly installing the following new parts and hardware:


One bushing P/N 194487-1
One bronze bushing P/N 198004-181
Four castellated nuts P/N AN310-3-4-5 and 6, -7 (2 ea.)
AN3-34A (1 ea.)
AN3-10A (2 ea.)
AN24-13 (2 ea.)
AN6-25 (1 ea.)
AN15-26 and AN6-11 (1 ea.)
Flanged bearing P/N FF 838-1

Replaced associated washers and cotter pins. Replaced nose gear steering link P/N 194412-0, Nose L.G. bolt P/N 194463-1, rod end link P/N 194545-0. Installed all internal seals (see work order), replaced all placards on nose gear after refinish. For all details see Blue Angel w/o M7742 and AMS w/o 020512-28166. Dissembled nose wheel, cleaned , inspected, replaced bearings with new P/N 214-0020. Installed new tire, Goodyear Flight Custom 5.00 X 5. Cleaned and serviced nose gear axle. Replaced bottom Torque Knee shimmy washer, numerous and complete list of all nuts, cotter pins and washers. See included work order with aircraft records. Main Landing Gears, Removed both wheels and tires, inspected both landing gears, stripped both of paint, refinished both including brake callipars after inspection, disesembled both main landing gear wheels, cleaned, inspected, refinished in original silver color, reassembled and installed two new Goodyear Flight Customs 6.00 X 6 Tires. Packed wheel bearings and installed wheels on aircraft.



Removed complete interior for total refurbishment , replacement and in accordance with original factory colors, foam, pattern, stitching, accessories, pillows, new chrome hardware as per chrome kit option. All Plexiglas (5) removed including windscreen. Glare shields (both) removed for replacement with new original fitted to exact original pattern black suede material. Two Fuselage interior tubing post stripped of finish and refinished with original satin black finish, new Bellanca factory check list decals reapplied to both L&R side tubing post. New green tint windshield installed P/N 802GT USING 4RX ¾ FHA AND 6RX ¾ FHA screws and 3M strip caulk sealant. All four Plexiglas windows replaced with new green tint windows, pilot window P/N 196940-1, right side door window P/N 196562, left rear window P/N 196550, right rear window P/N 196550.

Landing gear system upgraded to new system per Bellanca service kit SK-4020,, upgraded power pack and mount, new shuttle and dump valves, new required plumbing aft of firewall. Work incomplete forward of firewall at this point due to engine mount removed for re-certification.

By Robert Powell
IA 267538499

Reinstalled motor mount after inspection and refinishing. Reinstalled nose gear asembley after refurbish. Reinstalled engine and assesories after overhaul with new lord mounts, hoses, extensive new hardware, all new clamps, tie wraps, installed exhaust after overhaul, see W/O by Blue Angel Aviation and outside repair included in aircraft records. See additional detail in new Engine log book.

Refurbished interior in accordance with original factory drawings, original pattern, stitching , colors and materials including FAR approved 14CFA25853 foam reinstalled in accordance with Bellanca maintenance manual and approved FAR. 25.853 //// materials, see certifications in aircraft records. Replaced both cabin and cargo entry aluminum door plates with factory new. Installed new chrome hardware per new Bellanca option. Installed new tow bar and miscellaneous features. Reinstallation by J+B, Jesse Bono. Installed new microphone bracket left side. Installed new FAA approved Fire Extinguisher and new holding bracket.

Annual inspection completed this date in accordance with Bellanca 1730-A maintenance manual annual inspection checklist. Removed all inspection panels, upper and lower cowlings, removed floor boards, thoroughly cleaned inside of belly cavity, inspected complete fuselage interior and exterior, inspected all wiring, cables, pulleys and bell cranks. Inspected interior fuselage welded structures. Inspected wings and all interior wood structures, tested skin (fuselage and wings). inspected landing gear, wheels, tires, and brakes. inspected interior, windows, seats, seat belts, shoulder harnesses, avionics, radios and all wiring cables and associated installations. inspected all interior lighting for operation. Installed left gear door hinge, installed new clamp on bottom antenna connector, installed new Snap tite fuel cap P/N 192717 on left fuel tank, reinstalled battery box after inspections and installed new Gill G35 battery. Installed new chaff tapes on left nose gear actuator end fitting. tightened nose strut filler valve. tightened nose gear actuator fitting. Replaced L&R wing root seals and stripping.

Inspected and secured wiring and mixture cable under instrument panel, inspected, secured and capped wiring as required under front seat area, pressurized door seal was inoperative, removed switch, corrected and reinstalled including replacement of 3 feet of rubber air pressure hosing to pneumatic cabin door seal. Installed new gasket on gasculator bowl. Replaced ELT battery with new P/N BP1010, next due February 2014. ELT tested in accordance with FA 91.207 (d), next test due February 2013. Checked airworthiness directives through bi-weekly 2012-04. C/W AD 76-08-04 wood deterioration by inspection in accordance with Part 1 of Service Letter 87A, due again February 2013. C/W AD 87-11-01R1, fuel caps and drains by inspection in accordance with Service Letter B-105, due again February 2013. C/W AD 08-05-11 exhaust muffler and tailpipe, due again at 1709.51 total tach time or February 2013. C/W AD 76-07-12 ignition switch by inspection and operations check, due again at tach time 1759.51 or February 2013. C/W AD 90-02-17 landing gear by inspection due again at 1759.51 tach time. This airframe has been inspected in accordance with annual inspection requirements, has been found airworthy and is returned to service.

Ryan Koontz AP245049297IA



28166 New Engine Log Entries

Engine Log Bellanca 1730A SN 79-30910, N28166, Tachometer 1657.46

Continental IO 520K S/N 557387 TTSMOH: 10 hours

Engine reinstalled after major overhaul on this aircraft after firewall forward refurbishment, including motor mounts, exhaust, reinstalled after complete service by Aerospace Welding and compliance with AD 76-23-03R1, new rubber isolators replaced with factory new parts, new hardware AN 7 40 drilled shank bolt (2), AAAAAN960-716L flat washer (8), AN960-716 flat washer (2), AN3-21 drilled bolt (1), drained preservative 50/100 engine oil and replaced with mineral oil, other pertinent information related to these services and reinstallation can be found in new airframe log book and associated aircraft records. Engine test run at several intervals , minor adjustments accomplished, adjusted idle speed.

Engine Log – page 2 (annual inspection)

Fresh annual inspection with all AD compliance at time of sale.
Tach time 1659.51
Engine time SMOH: 10 hours

Annual inspection was completed this day in accordance with Bellanca 1730A maintenance manual annual inspection checklist. Removed cowling, inspected motor mount and isolators. Inspected all engine controls, inspected all accessories and performed differential compression test, results as follows:
#l. 78/80
#2. 76/80
#3. 77/80
#4. 75/80
#5. 74/80
#6. 79/80

Removed plugs for inspection, bore scope inspection test performed with compression test. Inspection excellent, cleaned plugs, replaced #2 top plug with new Champion RHB32E plug. By election, exchanged all valve cover gaskets with upgraded new premium P/N 08-01317 valve cover gaskets. Upgraded and replaced scat ducting between voltage regulator, fuel pump, alternator and manifold duct. Replaced over voltage regulator with new P/N V1510A, S/N Y0B058. Replaced capacitor with new P/N TVA-1161. Installed new intake air filter with new BA-3 element. Installed new intake gasket with new P/N 630350. Installed new air box induction cover with P/N 191942-10.

Installed new propeller seal P/N C3317-228. Secured CHT/EGT connections, replaced propeller governor gasket with new P/N AA9144, replaced all prop governor arm hardware, replaced starter o ring seal with new P/N MS9021-038. Rechecked for AD compliance through bi-weekly 2012-04.

New AD 10-11-04 hydraulic valve lifters. Checked with engine overhaul company. A.D. does not apply to new lifters installed at time of overhaul of this engine due to date of parts purchased. Researched and confirmed by engine overhaul company Leaders Engine Company, Clear Lake, MN.

AD 96-12-22 oil filter adapter assembly nut complied with by inspection, due again 1759.51 tachometer time or at next oil change.

AD 77-13-22 crankcase inspection complied with by inspection, due again 1759.51 tachometer time. Engine run, leak and operation check s good. Engine is in break in stage. I recommend the following break in procedure of engine manufacturer by use of straight mineral oil for first 50 hours and at the time oil consumption has been normalized. This engine has been inspected in accordance with annual inspection requirements, has been found airworthy and is returned to service.

Ryan Koontz

Propeller Log – Separate Book

Propeller inspected this date in accordance with Bellanca 1730A maintenance manual Annual Inspection checklist. Removed spinner and inspected blades, hub, bolts, safety wire, spinner and general installation. Checked prop for proper lube and amount by lubrication. Installed spinner. Run leak and operations exercise checked good. AD’s complied with. New propeller governor installed 7-15-13. This propeller has been inspected in accordance with Annual Inspection requirements, has been found airworthy and returned to service.

Ryan Koontz

A photograph example to help better understand the detail that goes into every aspect of our Firewall-Forward Refurbishment.


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