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Serial #89-301001
1335 Hours Total Time Since New
Always Hangared (New Mexico Ten Years)
Two Owners
Bellanca Service Center Maintained

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Optional Equipment

  • 3 Blade Propeller
  • Co-Pilot Brakes
  • Electric Trim Pilot Control Wheel
  • Ski Tube
  • Optional Factory Paint Scheme (Original)
  • Leather Interior
  • Tinted Glass
  • Long Range Fuel System
  • Shadin AMS Fuel Management System
  • Davtrom Digital Timer
  • Intercom (New) PS Engineering PM 1000 11
  • Electronic Pressurized Cabin Door Seal
  • Push To Talk Pilot Control Wheel
  • Auto Pilot Disconnect - Pilot Control Wheel
  • External Power Receptacle


Avionics Package

  • King KMA 24 (TSO) Audio Panel
  • King KY 197A TSO Com
  • King KNS-80 Internrated IFR Certified Navigation System RNAV-VOR-DME - Glide Slope Coupled to KCS 55-A HSI
    with KI-525-A HSI Indicator
  • GPS-VOR Transfer Coupling Switch to HSI
  • King KX155 (TSO) Nav/Com
  • King KT76A Transponder (TSO)
  • King KR86 ADF
  • King KI 209 Loc/Glidescope Receiver - Dual Glidescopes
  • Argus 5000 Moving Map
  • Northstar M3 GPS navigation system
  • Garmin GDL-82 ADS-B OUT with Garmin GA 35 GPS antenna


  • S-TEC Systems 60-2 Full Function With Flight Director, Altitude Hold, Vertical Speed Select, NAV Tracking, Glideslope Coupling Integrated With HSI Plus Automatic Self Adjusting Trim In Addition To Control Wheel Mounted Electric Trim - Autopilot Disengage Button (Control Wheel)
  • STEC Flight Direction - ST-361 Steering Horizon

Inspection Compliance

  • •  Current Annual Inspection with all AD compliance completed 6-2023 - due next 7-1-2024

Additional N266BN Exterior Photographs

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N266BN Firewall Forward Photographs

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N266BN - It's History From When New

The original owner of N266BN had kept this airplane just as you see it from when purchased new and it has remained this way since with special continued attention. There was a prop strike incident many years back under this original ownership although corrected back to as good as though it never happened by the well-known Bellanca Service Center in Redding PA. Capp Aviation at that time. This occurred approximately 22 years ago (and 300 flight hours ago). The incident occurred as the prop struck an unlighted taxi cone marker at night while exiting the runway. The owner had excellent insurance and requested an engine inspection. He was entitled to a new propeller and engine inspection so only about 300 hours since the new propeller as well as the inspection. Mattituck performed the engine disassembly and inspection. Mattituck was considered the very finest in the industry for overhauls on this engine and such inspections for over 50 years. The Teledyne Continental Factory actually bought Mattituck out some years back. The crankshaft received ultrasonic Magnaflux inspections services and additional new lower end engine parts were installed in that it was disassembled. There are approximately 300 hours now since this service was done. All checks since have continued to be excellent. To further support the engine quality, I am offering with the sale a conditional engine warranty which (you will find in a lower paragraph). I have had much experience with this model engine, the (IO 520K) since 1975. This particular engine included the new (now required) VAR crankshaft from when the airplane was new as well as the latest heavy crankcase. The engine should easily go another 1200-1500 hours or more at this point but sometimes you do have to top overhaul a cylinder or two on the IO-520K as time goes on (a small consideration of the total value picture). I replaced one cylinder with a Teledyne Continental factory replacement cylinder after my purchase. All 6 are now very strong. You should be in good shape for a long time with this understanding.

There have been two main owners.

The original owner passed away and a collector type in New Mexico purchased it for his collection and owned it for approximately the next ten years adding only minimal hours to the total time. I had at one time previously tried to purchase this airplane from the original owner as I had known of his ownership since new. The second owner called me in 2016 as he was selling all of his airplanes (failing health). I had not intended to sell N266BN after my purchase and had intended to keep it as my last Viking someday. I have just recently decided to sell. I have always kept it in my private dry hanger since my purchase.

2017 - Soon after my purchase I converted the existing interior to the latest style redesign that was scheduled for the new future Super Vikings to be manufactured (however never were). This was done by the same factory interior craftsman that had constructed the new interiors for the later years of the Super Viking production period. All was done to blue print drawings, specifications, correct materials, correct new wool carpet and pattern in all detail. This includes all stitching patterns, pleat and contours, cutting of new approved foam and materials. This was completed using FAA approved fine grade leather. All plexiglass still shows very nice. There has been no real use since, the interior's appearance and it's atmosphere remaining almost as a new airplane.

2023 - Instrument Panel - The original instrument panel from new had no significant use or wear, however due to the surface coatings utilized during this era (unknown at the time) later resulted in discolorization and premature aging. New advanced coatings of today are now available. In wanting the instrument panel to continue to be consistent with the rest of the airplane I decided to have a complete renewal process accomplished. The panel was removed and reinstalled by professionals and the panel restoration was accomplished by Air Capital Dial of Kansas. This included photographing - removal of all original paint, stripping and extensive preparation, the final refinish and re-lettering using the best and latest procedures used on new aircraft today. In addition new or refurbished face plates, lenses, knobs and more were installed. The costs for this upgrading was approximately $16,700.

N266BN I think you will find to be as close in condition to that of a new Super Viking that is remaining. It will be an exceptional airplane for the new owner. This is also one of the very last 35 highly desired Bellanca Super Vikings ever manufactured which included almost all of the latest improvements of this last group produced. The airplane is just as you see it. The airplane at this time remains at a place to continue on with this path for the new owner while enjoying its use, ownership and hopefully long-term appreciation. It has been estimated a new Super Viking today if in production would cost approximately 1.3 million dollars. I am not representing the airplane as new, but this is a most exceptional value for the right new owner.

Please consider the rarity of combined factors that must be in place and all at one time for this offering to present itself. This requires a limited number of like-minded owners (3 total in this case). Additionally, much calendar time has to pass allowing a long-term depreciation factor as opposed to new or much newer aircraft of this quality. Other included requirements are the cost previous owners have invested to maintain this long-term preservation as well as the airplane being protected in quality environments and continued quality hangars. All of this has occurred with N266BN. Airplanes of this performance, category and condition are found in newer and more expensive airplanes for the most part.

Price - A past appraisal in (2022) which is available on request resulted in only a little more than 20% of what has been estimated a new Super Viking would cost today if in production. I am asking a little less than the appraisal.

Being the first 1989 model manufactured Plane and Pilot magazine published a very nice magazine article on this Bellanca Super Viking at the Minnesota factory at the time it was new. A well-preserved copy is in the aircraft records that will be included with the purchase.

If you want one of the finest remaining Bellanca Super Vikings, N266BN for many reasons can be your very best value.

An Additional Consideration - With my ownership I have purposely added only a few hours. In exchange I have at different intervals stored the airplane on jacks, applied internal engine lubrication preservation, cycled the landing gear routinely, serviced as necessary, as well running the engine routinely, propellor cycling, magneto checks, flap cycles, taxiing and general operations. Installed is a recent new quality Concorde sealed battery, a Garmins GDL-82 ADS-B out has been added and installed by (Leesburg Avionics and Instruments). I am offering a conditional 50-hour or 6-month limited warranty on the engine and included will be a fresh annual inspection with all A.D compliance with the sale.

Also available to you as a separate service, delivery of the airplane anywhere in the Continental U.S. by a Bellanca certified CFI which can in addition provide instruction and sign off in your log book at your airport to meet insurance requirements. He offers this as a separate service for me however delivers many of my Super Vikings and has now for many years.


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