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Vintage Bellanca Vikings

This special category is reserved for the very rare, very well preserved and exceptional original Bellanca Super Vikings.  An example may be a low time, always properly hangared, original one owner Bellanca Viking. This category may also include a  select few previously restored examples by Pinckney Aircraft.  See the Restoration Example page.  The exceptional quality of the airplanes in this category have a much higher value than the average (in the field) refurbished Viking. The value of these airplanes appeal to a select group of Bellanca Viking owners. This category is not about the latest equipment or the improvements of any certain year model or a paint and interior job.  This category is almost impossible to duplicate and represents value that far exceed the average like year model in the market place at any given time.  These are for the purists who understand that a half million dollar investment in a new aircraft would likely be required to exceed this quality, and yet one of these special airplanes, in most cases, will cost far less than one-fifth of its equivalent new replacement.  The majority of this category will fall in the 1969 to 1978 year model range.


Below please find some previous examples sold by Pinckney Aircraft which qualified for this special category:


1973 Bellanca N39862
















1973 Bellanca N39868










Bellanca N14723 










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