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Original 1979 Bellanca Super Viking - N28037

Very likely the finest remaining original unrestored vintage 1979 Bellanca Super Viking in existence which also represents the year of the last major improvements including an additional 13 knots of speed. The 79 model is almost identical in upgrades and functions to the very last Super Viking ever manufactured in the year 2005 at a list price exceeding $535,000.

Only two long-term owners since brand new (last owner of 18 years), always properly hangared in the western US and and always maintained to the highest standards.

Now offered by Pinckney Aircraft for resale. N28037 is an outstanding original example of this irreplacable model for less than 20% of the last new Bellanca Super Viking replacement cost.

The opportunity exists for someone to acquire this unique investment grade Bellanca which they can enjoy for many years, and most likely profit from again after many years of satisfying ownership. N28037 represents a true, genuine value!

This aircraft is available as it is prior to it's first major overhaul (discounted) as some prefer. The original first run engine operates, performs and checks perfectly, including its last oil analysis. Or you may purchase N28037 with the first major overhaul.

Presently N28037 is scheduled for delivery in late 2018 with the refreshing process we apply to all our Bellanca Super Vikings. This will include it's first (0 SMOH) including our extensive FWF services see example. This will also include our full instrument panel restoration process which includes the complete removal and stripping of it's original finish, refinished with the latest high quality application, lettering and restoration of avionics face plates, knobs, lenses, back lighting filaments and numerous additional panel details. The wind screen will be removed polished, new two piece black millisuide glare shield (original factory material) will be installed. The two fuselage down bars are stripped, properly refinished in the original satin black with new checklist decal's applied to each. The original exterior will be professionally refreshed as required to maintain it's original new appearance look. This includes numerous details such as refinishing where required, numerous new stainless steel hardware such as camlocks and other similar hardware. All three landing gears will be disassembled and stripped of their finish, inspected, refinished in gloss black, reassembled using many new bushings and other new parts required, new correct decals and ressembled using all new hardware. Recent services performed within the last 50 flight hours include a new landing gear power pack, new updated exhaust system with new A.D. compliance, new vacuum pump, new panel mounted left,right,off magneto switch, new voltage regulator and other miscellaneous detail.

For more detailed information, please click here.

If you would like to have a telephone conference concerning the purchase of this aircraft after reading the detailed information, please contact Mike Pinckney with your phone number and a good time to contact you by clicking here.

Please be sure to see photos below.


Additional Detail Photos Below


Original Interior & Exterior

Always Hangared

Exceptional Maintenance


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