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Bellanca Super Viking Exterior Restoration


Aircraft exterior refinished utilizing approved factory process, all procedures and back to factory new color and configuration in all detail. Removed main landing gear wheel doors, fore and aft leading and trailing fairings, and nose wheel doors (3). Replaced with two new side doors. Removed all aluminum inspection plates and panels (approximately 50 parts), all aluminum trim/windshield strap/underside wing-root aluminum straps, landing light frame. Plexiglas lens for replacement. Removed communication antennas on top of aircraft, navigation light Plexiglas replaced later with all new including rubber weather-strip/new access screws etc., removed aluminum hub caps, wing root fiberglass fairings, spinner rear underside aluminum ground plain mounting surface, pitot tube (replaced with new chrome) upper and lower cowling, propeller (propeller overhauled and refinished to factory new appearance including proper decals, and motor mount removed for sandblasting, inspection and refinish to new original color! All firewall forward accessories, hoses, electrical, exhaust, etc. removed for new parts prior to painting. Removed all doorjamb plates, accessories hinges, hardware, doorstops, springs, weather-strip, etc. for doorjamb stripping for refinish with all new parts, screws, and hardware. The fiberglass upper and lower cowlings were cleaned inside first then stripped of any paint, refinished with ultra high heat resistant flat white paint. Installed NEW area heat shield insulation, as removed. Exterior of cowlings as well as all fiberglass parts were properly step stripped, sanded, re-primed and prepared for refinish process. All aluminum parts were chemically stripped, etched, and allydined on BOTH SIDES/ ALL backside (interior surfaces were then Zinc chromated, primed) exterior surfaces Zinc chromated, primed and prepared for refinish. The total remaining exterior aircraft was stripped of its original final finish including all of underside by non-damaging process, to the original silver ultraviolet protective coating. Any discrepancies were corrected per factory approved process and materials, including build up process, proper feathering out of all areas required. The aircraft was chemically cleaned after preparation and primed as necessary prior to final finish. All exterior parts previously removed were painted separately OFF of the aircraft. The aircraft was masked thoroughly not to allow overspray in the undesired areas. The airframe received three total coats of Imron (paint numbers and colors to be listed) to the original four color factory paint scheme and measurements utilizing Bellanca factory original blueprints. This includes all correctly placed new decals including underside and landing gear decals (after landing gear refurbishment) (separate entry later). All previously removed and refinished parts were reinstalled utilizing all new hardware, stainless steel screws where applicable. New upper and lower cowling camlocks, hardware, etc, were used. All new rubber seals weather-stripping, wing root rubber weather-stripping, etc. installed. All new Plexiglas, landing light lens and nav light tens were all installed with factory new parts. Installed new rubberized leading edge tape on rear horizontal stabilizers and strut braces. Installed new underside communication antennas for reduced drag and better appearance. Installed re-chromed pitot tube and new hardware. Refinished wing walk to original appearance. Numerous other miscellaneous details completed. Propeller is overhauled and refinished to new configuration, decals, etc.

THE EXTERIOR PAINT NUMBERS ARE AS FOLLOWS: ALL ARE DUPONT IMRON. Base color white is #55769U Vol. LE 4.9 Vol AP 4.9. First trim color burnt orange is #7455 MODIFIED to the following to lighten the color: #555U white at 98.0 #53U Jet black 159.0. #557U. Fast red 815.5. #547U Orange 2496.5. Second trim color beige is #78390. The pin strip is orange #1021. All colors are Dupont Imron. The cabin and baggage doorjambs were refinished in base coat white #55769U. Inside both main fuel tanks doors were prepped and refinished to original color. New fuel caps were installed and inside decals as required. Auxillary fuel tank door prepped and refinished inside including cap and required decals. Installed new inboard leading edge vent screens (black) Reinstalled leading edge stall strips after refinish with stainless steel hardware. Installed new exterior ELT antenna and replaced nav antenna with new. All control surfaces balanced, checked weight and balance, change determined negligible. All procedures and processes inspected and approved. Signed, Robert D. Powell A + 1267538499



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